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My husband was a chef for over a decade, so I’ve had my share of pesto ~ mostly with pasta. I’ve always loved it. He made it with pine nuts, walnuts, whatever nuts we had around. I’ve been craving it lately & guess what “nuts” we have around? You know it! 🙂


Put one bushel of basil of basil into a bowl of cold water to wash it, the dirt falls to the bottom. Pat dry with paper towels.

Take 1/2 cup of Tiger Nuts & add one clove of garlic. You don’t need to mince the garlic, just throw it in whole & PULSE.

Add 2 tbsp olive oil, a pinch of salt & basil to the mix then puree. Keep adding tablespoons of olive oil until you have a nice paste.

As you can see, I grilled some chicken & spread the pesto on top. DELICIOUS.

How will YOU use your Tiger Nut pesto? Let me know! Pesto is always synonymous with nuts, but it doesn’t have to be, not when you have TIGER NUTS around. Real nuts cause inflammation in my body, but Tiger Nuts keep me healthy with lots of fiber, vitamins & minerals. And the taste! I think the sweet nutty flavor of Tiger Nuts makes it BETTER than the regular pesto I used to eat.

So it’s win-win!! ENJOY.

In good health,

Robin xoxo


NUTS ABOUT TIGER NUTS!! ~ Something new & healthy to eat, yay!



Are you hungry after looking at these pics? I always am.
First, if you haven’t read about ME & who *I* am, go look about the “About” section & come back.
You’re back!! Great 🙂 So you know I have celiac, I’m also lactose intolerant. This being said, I thought the things I love like fried chicken cutlets,
fried shrimp, baked fish… and drinking milk were things of the past for me. Since I can’t have nuts, I can’t do the almond milk. I can drink coconut milk but there’s only so much coconut milk one person can drink!! Finding Tiger Nuts opened up a whole new Food World for me.
They are in the TUBER family, so even though they’re called nuts (’cause they’re tiny & look like a nut), they are NOT nuts.
They grow underground.. like a carrot, or a potato. Safe for me to eat. Safe for celiacs, safe for gluten/grain-free people, safe for diabetics since they are low glycemic, safe for vegans. And a word about diabetes… I was pre-diabetic & my fasting numbers were getting high, 138… 140.
My doc wanted to put me on Metformin. I said NO, let me change my diet first! I went grain-free & started eating Tiger Nuts in place of grains.
Now I’m not even pre-diabetic anymore, I’m in the NORMAL range! Fasting 85-90. Perfect.

I was so excited to create this blog, I wasn’t sure where to start. But I figure I’ll tell you how I used Tiger Nuts the most.
In place of bread crumbs… and in place of milk. When I bought one bag of the 12 oz, I didn’t get a whole lot out of it. I used it too quickly!
So I would suggest buying two bags at first (I just placed my new order for 4 since I want to make a pie! That’s for another blog post).

Here’s how to make your TIGER NUT MEAL (in place of bread crumbs) and TIGER NUT MILK.

SOAK your Tiger Nuts in water for AT LEAST 24 HOURS overnight. We want them nice & plump & they will fatten up with soaking.
Change the water at least once in the 24 hours & I usually use my sprayer and a vegetable brush to wash them til they shine.
Now you want to put them in a blender. The most HIGH SPEED one you have to crush them up.
You’ll have to separate the nuts & do this in segments. They won’t all fit in the blender. You’ll have to do this a couple times, or maybe 2-3 depending on how much you buy & want to have in the house. During the blending process you can ADD any ingredients you want to FLAVOR your Tiger Nuts.
I have added cinnamon, ginger, honey… or sometimes I just want the pure nutty taste & add nothing at all. It’s up to you!!
This will flavor the MILK more than the nut meal. The meal tastes the same to me no matter what I add but the milk will be nice & flavored.

Once blended, you’ll see from my pic that they turn into a TIGER NUT PASTE.
This is where we SEPARATE the MILK from the MEAL.
Get a cheesecloth or a cloth that is very thin so you can strain the milk. I put an elastic around my cloth to make a POUCH.
Then I SPOONED the PASTE into the pouch until it was FULL & STRAINED the Tiger Nut Milk into a mason jar.
You will be left with Tiger Nut Meal, and put it aside in an air-tight container like Tupperware or Ziploc.
Continue this process until you have your Tiger Nuts Meal in place of bread crumbs, and your Tiger Nut Milk.
I usually drink the milk over ice as a refreshing beverage treat! If you added honey or cinnamon, it can be your dessert.


This is the dish I make the most because my daughter & husband love it as much as I do! Coconut chicken w/Sweet & Sour Sauce

CHICKEN BREASTS (pounded THIN, I put Saran Wrap over them & POUND them with a meat tenderizer
Coconut Oil
Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
Eggs (or Egg Replacer, I use Ener-G Egg Replacer, it’s Potato & Tapioca Starch with water, works well)
Blood Oranges (or whatever you prefer for your “sourness”, perhaps a navel orange, lemon, or lime)

Make your Sweet & Sour Sauce ahead of time.
Just squeeze the juice of a blood orange into a bowl, add honey until the taste is to your liking,
then refrigerate. Easy!!

For the chicken ~
A plate of your chicken breasts
A plate of Tiger Nut Meal mixed with shredded coconut
A bowl of your eggs or Egg Replacer

Dip the chicken into the egg to get it wet, then pat both sides in the Tiger Nut Mixture until it is well-coated.
Get all your chicken coated & ready to be pan-fried.

Heat up the pan til it’s nice & hot.
Spoon some coconut oil into the pan & let it melt, hot but not burning.
Place the chicken in the pan & fry until cooked through, nice & brown.
Sometimes if the chicken is too thick & pan-frying isn’t enough, I will put the oven on 375 degrees & finish them off for about 5 mins.

Serve the Coconut Chicken with the Sweet & Sour Sauce,
and ENJOY!!! A healthy yummy meal for you & your family. And you can sub the chicken for shrimp, fish, or make all three!
I make chicken & shrimp together a lot.

Just click on the link below & get your order of Tiger Nuts on their way so you can start cooking, and making your milk!
It’s fun too, I really like cooking with them & knowing how GOOD they are for us.
Full of calcium, iron, magnesium, Vitamins B1 & B2, a GREAT source of Dietary Fiber… you can read more once you get on the site.


LET ME KNOW how your Nut Meal & Milk comes out! I want to hear from you.
And if you’re looking for a job you can do from home, let me know & perhaps I can sign you up to work for Tiger Nuts & be part of our Nutty Company 🙂
Working from home really is cool 🙂

Thanks for visiting my site & have fun cooking!
In good health ~

Robin xo