Robin Tigernuts

Bio: Hi! I'm Robin, a wife & mom of two girls. I have celiac & a LOT of food allergies. I need to have a grain-dairy-egg-nut-soy free diet. Going grain-free solved many of my pain issues like fibromyalgia. Tiger Nuts are a godsend for me (and they're not really nuts, otherwise I couldn't eat them!) They are so versatile & I use them in many different ways. I got SO excited about this product I decided to work for the company! I just HAD to share the good news with others like me who have allergies & want diversity in their meals, or you're just looking for something new & SUPER-HEALTHY to eat! I want to take Nature's Best Kept Secret & not make it a secret anymore! My family loves them & so will yours.When you buy them, PLEASE use the links that I PROVIDE so the company will know "Robin sent you" & I will get credit for turning you on to Tiger Nuts, thanks for your support! And when the owner of the company, Jack, calls you personally to THANK YOU for buying Tiger Nuts (and he will! he's just like that), tell him Robin sent you, he loves knowing his employees are hard at work 🙂 And once you start using them, if you get as excited about them as I am, get in touch with me via my email & perhaps you can sell them too! Working from home is a cool thing. Gives you more freedom. I'll hook you up 🙂 Enjoy your Tiger Nuts! In good health ~ Robin xo PS - I have another site on Facebook for Paleo/AIP recipes with & without Tiger Nuts, check it out: http://www.facebook.com/paleoideas ~ you can click on the little box to the right of this profile, see you there 🙂

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