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My husband was a chef for over a decade, so I’ve had my share of pesto ~ mostly with pasta. I’ve always loved it. He made it with pine nuts, walnuts, whatever nuts we had around. I’ve been craving it lately & guess what “nuts” we have around? You know it! 🙂


Put one bushel of basil of basil into a bowl of cold water to wash it, the dirt falls to the bottom. Pat dry with paper towels.

Take 1/2 cup of Tiger Nuts & add one clove of garlic. You don’t need to mince the garlic, just throw it in whole & PULSE.

Add 2 tbsp olive oil, a pinch of salt & basil to the mix then puree. Keep adding tablespoons of olive oil until you have a nice paste.

As you can see, I grilled some chicken & spread the pesto on top. DELICIOUS.

How will YOU use your Tiger Nut pesto? Let me know! Pesto is always synonymous with nuts, but it doesn’t have to be, not when you have TIGER NUTS around. Real nuts cause inflammation in my body, but Tiger Nuts keep me healthy with lots of fiber, vitamins & minerals. And the taste! I think the sweet nutty flavor of Tiger Nuts makes it BETTER than the regular pesto I used to eat.

So it’s win-win!! ENJOY.

In good health,

Robin xoxo


8 thoughts on “Nuts about NUT-FREE PESTO”

  1. Did you use soaked tigernuts or just straight from the package?
    Also, what do you do with the tigernut flour? My kids said it tastes like sand when I added it to muffins.

    1. Carmen scroll to my first blog post & your questions should all be answered! I do soak them, at least overnight,to get them nice & plump. When I make the meal, I add things like honey to make it tasty. The company is actually working on making flour, stay tuned!! And thanks for checking out my blog:)

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