TIGER NUTS ~ Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!

breakfast honeymilk nutsandfruit

Do you remember that commercial? If not, it’s probably a good thing, you’re not old like me 🙂

I made a batch of Tiger Milk day before yesterday. You should drink the milk within 3 days so it doesn’t go bad.
This is why it’s so popular in countries were there is no refrigeration, you can keep the milk outside for a few days & it will still be good.

This time I added a little more honey & cinnamon than usual, so it has a brown tint & it’s SO sweet and yummy.
I chopped up some strawberries, washed some blueberries & threw some Tiger Nuts in with the sweet milk.
OMG the CRUNCH of the nuts with the fruit!! It’s a great breakfast. Something new for you & the kids too! Kids LOVE crunchy stuff.
And it’s a HEALTHY way to start the day.

Here’s the link to buy a bag or two:


Have a bowl for breakfast & let me know what you think.
In good health ~

Robin xoxo


6 thoughts on “TIGER NUTS ~ Not Just for Breakfast Anymore!”

  1. I love all your posts and cannot wait to try tiger nuts myself! I’m worries anythig that seems to easy and too good to be true…. Just hoping there is no catch with these guys! Thanks for all you do!

  2. I am so excited to learn about these, I have never seen or heard about them! I love how creative you are with them too! Think I’ll look into buying some to try!

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